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canvas prints

Decorate your walls with personalized canvas prints

canvas prints

canvas prints

Foto Art will produce stretched canvas decor prints of your landscapes, family pictures, portraits, and wedding photos. We use high grade canvas printed with archival pigmented inks, and protected with a pH neutral UV absorbing coating to give you many years of enjoyment.

Canvas is unique as it needs to be stretched over a wooden frame to remove wrinkles. The print is made with a wide border that wraps around the edges of the stretcher frame for back stapling.

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Edge wrapped canvas borders

To allow for stretcher frame edge wrapping, we add enough material to cover the edges and to allow back stapling. You can choose to leave the edges blank white, have the edges coloured (either black or to match a colour in the image), or wrap the image around the sides (see edge wrap treatments below).

White edge wrap treatment

Blank white canvas will cover the edges and go around the back of the stretcher frame for stapling.

The finished Canvas face will have the image the same size as ordered.

Coloured edge wrap treatment

Coloured canvas will cover the edges of the stretcher frame. You can instruct us as to what part of the image you would want the coloured edge to match. Black could also be chosen.

The finished Canvas face will have the image the same size as ordered.

Photofinishing drop-box

Do you have a busy schedule? Drop off your memory device or film, with instructions, in our drop-box and we'll have your pictures ready for you in no time. Your photographs will be processed with the same quality care and diligence as always.

Continuous bleed edge wrap treatment (gallery wrap)

The finished canvas face will have an image that is slightly cropped since some of the image must be devoted to the to the edge wrap.

In some cases we can retouch

tightly cropped images to extend the background to allow Continuous Bleed Edge wrapping (call for quotation).

Extra image will cover the edge of the stretcher frame.

The finished Canvas face will have the image the same the size as ordered and the stretcher frame wrapped edges will show a mirror image of a portion of the image on the face.

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